Designed, from the ground up, to engage consumers with highly targeted and relevant advertising from local, regional, and national brands. Planet Free Wifi incentivizes consumers to use the system by providing free Wi-Fi Internet access to them.

Planet Free Wifi has the ability to push geographically, behaviourally, device specific  and  competitor targeted, merchant created and managed advertisements, coupons, discount offers, banners, and video infomercials to consumers, on their devices, while they are in YOUR Ecosystem.

Planet Free Wifi is a proprietary White-Labeled hardware and cloud based system. We provide marketers a means to build their own brand rather than someone else's by sing their logo, branding, and domain name. From both a consumer and merchant’s perspective, the system looks and operates seamlessly as your own system.



The Planet Free Wifi opt in process is fully compliant with the latest U.S. Federal Trade Commission laws introduced in October 2014. Every opt-in process is 100% compliant with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, Telemarketing Sales Rule, and CAN-SPAM Act. Planet Free Wifi includes Email marketing and Text marketing systems that allows Network operators to take full advantage of compiled data.


A self-serve Merchant system is designed to bring new merchants on-board automatically. Allowing merchants to review the benefits, select an advertising package that matches their needs and geography, subscribe to it and pay online, and start advertising within minutes.

Planet Free Wifi includes template-based tools for merchants to create well-presented business listings and appealing advertisements in a very simple 1-2-3 step process. Merchants’ select and purchase Admin created advertising packages relevant to their marketing needs, location, and budgets. Merchants keep 100% of the sale price.

The Merchant interface includes tools to track and monitor campaign performances, predictive analysis reporting that forecasts redemptions, service and stock requirements for up to three months in advance, based on current monthly trends: Additional tools to manage consumer reviews and email subscriptions: Newsletter feature provides a means to create and disseminate periodic newsletter to subscribers: Barcode generator: Coupon embedding code generator enabling a merchant to integrate their coupons into their website to extend campaign reach to existing customers: Email subscription code generator for integrating into websites, newsletters, and other promotional media: Direct link codes for both Mobile & Web coupons and offers that can be used for any promotions including QR Code production.


Consumer behavior targeting presents a tremendous opportunity to engage consumers at a time, place, and with their interest focused. Returning the most responsive results ever.  Our systems monitor consumer behavior and interests while they shop and research. Then at the most opportune time we deliver a matching merchant advertisement directly to the relevant content the consumer is viewing. Our behavioral engine is 100% tuneable and trainable from within the Administration management interface.



Target consumer devices by Device Brand, Device Operating System, and Device Browser Type.  Useful for App dissemination, Carrier Network, and other specific campaign styles.  The device specific targeting module is updated weekly to ensure the latest device information is always available.



Stop Losing Sales To Online Vendors! The competitor targeting system is designed for retail merchants to combat consumer showcasing. You specify who your competitors are and we provide you the opportunity to reach your potential customer with a matching or better offer before they purchase online. Automatically Manage in-Store Consumer Showcasing in Real-Time. Take advantage of the opportunity. Present a relevant counter offer before it’s too late. Know how many customers are showcasing your products and with which competitor. Know what products are being showcased and the frequency. Know which customers have showcased in-store and their contact information.

Planet Free Wifi Brandable Hotspots

Planet Free Wifi now features individual brandable hotspot locations. Every Hotspot location can be branded with a host merchants logo or a sponsored advertiser, as an upsell for every location in your Network.


Planet Free Wifi provides extensive real-time reporting and analytics that enable merchants and administrators to instantly evaluate and compare a campaign’s performance and ROI.

From a command position, administrators can review a network performance overview, run predictive analysis forecasts, or scrutinize every keyword found on content viewed by system Users, and view consumer sessions by location/device. We provide administrators an unsurpassed array of reports and tools to ensure you are in control.


Available in highly optimized indoor and outdoor models. Devices are 100% Plug & Play – Set and Forget. There is absolutely no device level management required. Simply place & connect our Wi-Fi marketing hardware devices. Devices automatically self-configure to a location, geo-fencing consumers, displaying relevant advertisements based upon location, and consumer interests, while providing free Internet access.

Planet Free Wifi includes marketing tools and ad delivery mediums to satisfy even the most aggressive location based marketer’s endeavours.